Coupon your way to exciting savings at Walgreens

There are several ways to save at Walgreens. Couponing is the most rewarding and fun if you get the flow. And that’s what we’ll aim to do in this article. Find great deals and discounts and Walgreens Cash Back with our useful tips, and keep those rewards coming in. You will need a free Walgreens account to win and redeem the points. There are four types of coupons you can apply at Walgreens:

Manufacturer Coupons: A one-time redeemable coupon

Store Coupons: You can only redeem these at Walgreens

Register Rewards: It’s a printed coupon you’re rewarded right after your in-store purchase

myWalgreens Rewards: A loyalty program that gifts you redeemable points every time you purchase at Walgreens

1. Manufacturer Coupons

You will find manufacturer coupons or MFR in the Sunday newspaper or at popular coupon sites and databases. You can use up to four exact coupons from each resident every day. The way to utilize this coupon is to add it to your account and redeem it when you shop. The coupon is valid for use both in-store and on the app. Once added to the account, use it as you would redeem any other coupon.

2. Store Coupons 

There are two types of store coupons: paper-based and digital. As the name suggests, these are redeemable in the store only. 

Walgreens paper-based store coupons:

You can find them most commonly throughout the store. These are available in booklets as you enter the store and racks around the store. The best part is there is no capping on the times you redeem them at the store. So the more, the merrier!

Walgreens Digital Store Coupons:

If you’re fond of technology, you can skip the hunt for in-store coupon booklets inside the store and look for digital store coupons on the Walgreens website and app. The way to utilize or redeem them is by loading them into your account before paying for your purchases.

3. Register Rewards 

This couponing system has been around for a long time and is among Walgreens’s popular ways to save money. Register Rewards or RR are printed on your receipt when you purchase at the store. The easiest part of this couponing is you don’t need to register for any membership program to win the rewards. The RR is printed on the purchase bill when you shop at Walgreens. Now Walgreens keeps changing the value of the RR on certain items’ shopping. It’s possible to have differing RR values when you purchase the same item the following week. Check for information about RR in the weekly Walgreens ad to plan your savings accordingly. The advantage of RR is you get a direct discount on your purchase, and it’s not limited to an item; plus, you need to wait to redeem it. So collect the RRs and use them in your subsequent purchases.  

4. myWalgreens Rewards

myWalgreens™ is a personalized shopping experience that allows you to save while shopping at Walgreens. It will enable you to unlock incredibly low prices as you shop, and you get even 1% Walgreens Cash rewards on all store and pharmacy shopping without any limit on your purchases. And if you’re a big fan of the Walgreen branded items, you earn an extra 5% Walgreens Cash rewards, again without limits. 

More benefits include earning surprise rewards for completing health objectives. myWalgreens gives you an amazing service for quick curbside, drive-thru, or in-store pickups within 30 minutes after ordering online via the app. Earning and redeeming coupons with the myWalgreens app is easy, and you can enjoy the same benefits as physical coupons. You only need to add an order of at least $10 to apply a coupon for pickup orders. You may need to check if the coupon is an insert coupon or a computer-generated coupon; in that case, you won’t be able to apply that coupon.

How do I get Walgreens Coupons?

Walgreens savings are everywhere, and you’ll find Walgreens Coupons on the Walgreens website, weekly ads on physical and e-newspapers, in-store booklet, Super Savings book, myWalgreens app, and many more places. Find manufacturer coupons in the local newspaper flyers and on manufacturer websites. 

Reward System Rules

If you want to maximize your savings, knowing the simple rules is the way to go:

One RR per transaction:

There is a limit of a single RR for every transaction. So if you buy two items in a single transaction with an RR each, the store will only print one. The workaround is to add it to two separate transactions and receive two RRs. 

Coupon value must not exceed item cost:

So if your coupon value exceeds the item price, you cannot apply the coupon in that case. Say, your item costs $0.99, and you have a coupon for $1; you won’t be able to use the coupon.  

Coupons must be more than items:

RR is equivalent to manufacturer coupons. If buying two items with manufacturer coupons, you must add one more item to complete the “coupon to item ratio” to redeem the RR.

Other ways to win Walgreens Cash Back

Save more on your Walgreens shopping by utilizing offers with popular Cash Back websites like RebatesMe. Sign up for a free account, install the RebatesMe free browser extension, and continue shopping as usual. You will earn Cash Back from RebatesMe and add it to your increased savings. You also get a $10 sign-up bonus from RebatesMe.



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