Home Loan Pitfalls: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Purchasing a home is an emotional decision, but do you plan enough before opting for a home loan? Are you sure the home loan plan you opt for is the best in the industry? Taking a home loan requires meticulous planning and evaluation, including comparing the home loan interest rate that every loan provider in the market offers and using a home loan EMI calculator to determine the amount of monthly EMIs and their affordability. It is because a home loan is a long-term and expensive commitment. 

Opting for a home loan without proper research can damage your financial well-being. You need to be cautious while applying for a home loan so that you don’t end up with an unsuitable lender or product. Are you purchasing a home? The article covers the usual mistakes that homeowners make. Read the article to avoid common mistakes and effortlessly get a home loan.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes While Applying for a Home Loan?

Getting a home loan after checking the home loan interest rate of every lender and ascertaining EMI affordability using a home loan EMI calculator is an important and beneficial step. In addition to proper evaluation and planning, a home loan needs precise observation, documentation, and your stable financial condition as a borrower. Nevertheless, some specific home loan pitfalls must be avoided at all costs to get a home loan effortlessly:-

Research Thoroughly

When applying for a home loan, you should thoroughly research the bank or finance companies. Its reputation, schemes, customer support services, expert reviews, etc., give you a good insight into a bank or a financial institution. You should properly research the loan provider and its policies as a borrower. Not researching enough can result in problems in the future. Research the types of home loans available in the market. Compare the home loan interest rate, eligibility criteria, hidden charges like prepayment fees, processing fees, high processing fees, duration, etc. Before applying for a home loan, calculate the monthly EMIs and check whether your income is sufficient to pay the EMIs and can also manage your expenses.

Check Eligibility Requirements or Not Self-Evaluating Creditworthiness

Checking the eligibility requirements and self-assessing your creditworthiness is an essential and compulsory step. If you are still looking for the eligibility requirements for a particular lender or require more clarification, you can not contact the loan provider and know the eligibility criteria. A vital thing before applying for a loan is evaluating your creditworthiness by checking your credit score. A credit score of above 750 can lead you to reasonable and better terms and conditions. A good credit score will let you send your home loan application to the best banks where you can get the home loan interest rate and affordable monthly EMIs. Use a home loan EMI calculator to know the monthly EMI amount in the best banks.

Check Repayment Capability

Your income, savings, and expenditures can directly impact your home loan repayment capability. While deciding the amount you will apply for as a home loan, ensure you have enough funds in your account to manage the equated monthly installments efficiently with other emergency expenditures. Several borrowers make hasty decisions to get property ownership quickly. They avoid using a home loan EMI calculator to check whether their income and savings can support their repayment process and other expenses. You must consider your income, savings, and other expenses and use a home loan EMI calculator to ensure you can repay the loan promptly.

Save Enough for the Down Payment

Several borrowers overlook the significance of paying a good amount as a down payment. It serves as evidence of your home loan repayment capability. Paying a good amount as a down payment will lower your EMIs. After paying a certain amount as a down payment, you can utilize a home loan EMI calculator to ascertain the EMI amount you will pay monthly. A down payment can save money and the home loan interest rate in the future. You should have enough funds in your account to pay a good amount as a down payment, and you should save funds considering the amount you will apply for. It will make getting the property ownership effortless.

Avoid Opting for Short Loan Tenures

It is advisable to refrain from opting for shorter home loan tenures. The shorter the loan tenure, the smaller the loan amount is. The high equated monthly installments result in a high default risk in paying EMIs. The eligible amount would be based on age, previous financial and credit activities, and repayment ability. You require a high credit score and a good repayment history to get a high amount and reasonable terms and conditions. Furthermore, if your credit score is high, you can negotiate with your lender on the best home loan interest rate, EMIs, tenure, and hidden charges. A long tenure will simplify your EMI payments, and you can meet your financial goals.

Opt for Insurance Coverage

As a home loan borrower, opting for appropriate insurance coverage to secure your family members from financial distress is advisable. In case of unfortunate events, home loan insurance coverage will assist your family members in clearing the dues. Home loan insurance firms will settle the outstanding amount. Several insurance products cover home loans. Opt for life coverage for an amount that includes your liabilities. If you are not protecting your liabilities, you’re taking a big risk, which you should avoid at all costs. Insurance coverage for a home loan will serve as a protective shield. An excellent way to benefit from home loan insurance coverage is to merge your EMIs with the premium amount. Your premium for the home insurance would be subtracted from your EMI.

Read the Home Loan Agreement Thoroughly Before Signing on the Dotted Lines

It is advisable to meticulously read the fine print of your home loan terms and conditions before signing on the dotted lines. You want to avoid getting shocking surprises in the future during repayment. Check the hidden charges mentioned in the agreement, like prepayment fees, processing charges, EMIs, the home loan interest rate, etc. Also, use a home loan EMI calculator and check the EMI amount before signing. You can consult a lawyer, show the agreement to your lawyer, and check that the terms and conditions do not create problems in the future.


Home loans are valuable accessories and make getting ownership effortless. You should properly research the home loan interest rate and check the above factors to avoid hassles. Suppose you wish to get the best out of a home loan. In that case, you must meticulously check your finances and opt for a home loan plan with reasonable terms and conditions. You should know the type of home loans available in the market, and if you wish to purchase a home, a home loan should give you the capital you require to purchase your dream home. Before applying for a loan, you should check the EMI by utilizing a home loan EMI calculator you will pay monthly and whether you can afford it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are a few common mistakes people make while applying for a home loan?

A few common mistakes people make while applying for a home loan are as follows:-

  • Furnishing incorrect or incomplete details on the loan application
  • Not researching for the best interest rates, terms and conditions
  • Not checking credit scores and reports for inconsistencies
  • Not considering the home loan’s affordability
  • Not setting up or creating an emergency fund
  • Can you rectify your mistakes in your application for a home loan?

You can often rectify the mistakes in your application for a home loan even after submission. You can contact your loan provider to explain and clarify the errors and furnish relevant documentation and errors. Nevertheless, making excessive corrections ensures the loan application process is timely.

  • How can you increase your chances of getting approved for a home loan?

Some ways to increase your chances of getting approved for a home loan are as follows:-

  • Ensure an enormous deposit
  • Be wise with your spending habits
  • Improve your credit score
  • Cross-check whether you have submitted the correct documents
  • Your employment should be long-term
  • What is the possible reason for a home loan application rejection?

When you send your application for a home loan, it is mandatory to list information related to any debt in your name. Suppose your preferred banking institution finds it when they take out your debt repayments, your lifestyle costs, and non-negotiable prices, such as bills and groceries, and you don’t have enough money left for a mortgage, your application for a home loan can be rejected. If your income is less than the criteria set by your lender, your home loan application can be rejected.

  • Can your application for a home be rejected even after pre-approval?

You might think you will surely get full approval when you get a pre-approval for your home loan application. But this is a clear myth. Nothing of this sort happens. It could be tough to hear, but there is a possibility that home loan applications of would-be home buyers can be rejected even after getting pre-approval,



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